10 Of The Best Arcades In America

Out of all my personal gaming experiences, going to my local arcade growing up still ranks as my favorite. I still remember the delicious smell of the food court seeping into my nose as I entered the arcade. Seeing women and men of all ages with smiles on their faces engaged in their favorite game is a memory I’ll never forget.


The introduction of powerful home gaming systems and the ability to play against opponents around the world crippled the arcade industry. Today arcades are a rarity to find in America, but aren’t completely lost and forgotten. There are still unbelievable arcades available across the country that are still thriving. I decided to seek out 10 of the best arcades in America and I made some incredible finds.

10) Eighty-Two: Los Angeles, California

This Los Angeles hot spot is known for it’s long lines, diverse crowds, and addicting arcade games. Part bar, part arcade, Eighty-Two is a cool place to visit any day of the week. If you don’t mind a bar atmosphere the weekends are always lively with game related drinks, a dedicated pinball room, mega screens and 40+ games. Eighty-two makes it hard for you not to have an amazing time.


9) Game Galaxy: Nashville, Tennessee

A true asset to the gaming community Game Galaxy is known for its intense arcade tournaments. This location offers an amazing collection of retro and modern games and is welcoming to everyone, not just hardcore gamers. With well-maintained machines and a knowledgeable stuff, Game Galaxy is Tennessee’s hidden gem.


8) Silverball Museum: Asbury Park, New Jersey

Known for it’s friendly staff and pristine gaming machines the Silverball Museum is great place for pinball enthusiasts.  With over 120 machines, the Silverball Museum takes pinball gaming seriously. Each game has a card attached to it that explains its history and mechanics of the game. For a wonderful price of $10 an hour Silverball has separated its arcade experience from the pack. If you want to experience what an arcade should be like at the highest level Silver Museum is the way to go.


7) Barcade: Brooklyn, New York  

Barcade is another half Bar-half arcade that gets it right. This small east coast chain mixes nostalgic gaming, wonderful craft bars, happy hour specials and a neighborhood atmosphere to create the perfect all-in-one experience. It is no wonder why this place is never empty.


6) Musee Mecanique: San Francisco, California

You truly step into the past when you visit Musee Mecanique. This place calls itself a mechanical museum. With over 300 games and unique gadgets, it is impossible to get bored here. The location hosts everything from early 1900 machines to your favorite 80’s classics. The fabulous landmark is free to enter and many of its games cost less than $.25 cents to play. From arm-wrestling machines to classic pinball games, you can’t go wrong with this blast form the past.


5) Funspot: Laconia, New Hampshire

A true American gem, Funspot has been in existence since 1952. This arcade has the most games out of any other arcade on the list. With a whopping 600 games that include arcades games, bumper cars, bowling, pin ball machines, and mini golf all at one location! This place has three floors and each floor hosts a different form of gaming. Funspot has all of your favorite classic arcade games as well as incredible games you’ve probably never heard of before


4) Pinball Hall of Fame: Las Vegas, Nevada

 Imagine entering a 10,000 square foot arcade full of unique Pinball machines. That’s exactly what the Pinball Hall of Fame is in Las Vegas. With pinball games from every decade, you can’t go wrong. Although, a pinball game heaven, they do have classic arcade games in the mist. You’ll find old, new, and odd games alike at Pinball Hall of Fame. You can’t help but find a new apperception and love for pinball games here. This is without a doubt one of best arcades in America and a piece of gaming history.


3) Manitou Spring Penny Arcade: Manitou Spring, Colorado

The Penny Arcade will remind you of a classic fair. Charming and filled with unique and vintage games, this place brings you back to a time that is now lost in history. Enjoy a mouthwatering funnel cake while you play wooden pinball games, compete in slot races or get the highest score on an addicting skee ball machine. Although this place has a 1950’s nostalgic feel to it, it is still home to countless recent classics such as Street Fighter Alpha, Marvel Super Heroes and Crisis Zone. The combination of cheap games and an air of mystery allows this arcade to live up to its prestigious reputation.


2) Ground Kontrol: Portland, Oregon

Ground Kontrol is unlike any other arcade in the world. Its inside décor is equipped with neon colored palette. Entering this place makes you feel as if you are visiting a futurist science fiction movie. A true masterpiece Ground Kontrol’s spacey location is robust with games, a live DJ, a lounge, and a bar. With a great atmosphere and high quality arcade games, this place allows you to lose yourself and go to another world where you game until you can’t anymore.


1) Galloping Ghost: Chicago, Illinois

Topping the list is Chicago’s Galloping Ghost. This massive arcade host over 400 games. At 7500 square feet, this breathtaking facility is not only legendarily fun, but also cost effective, only costing $15 for ALL day play. What a Deal! The Arcade stays open until 2 AM allowing you to swim in gaming bliss into the night. Full of games of every genre and year this place is the arcade mecca. If you ever were to add an arcade on your bucket list, this should be the one! People travel for miles on end just for the one of a kind experience.

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