There are at least a few hundred bowling alleys in America alone. With so many, it can be challenging to choose the best bowling alleys in America. This guide was designed to help you take the edge off a little bit. It consists of honest reviews of the best bowling alleys in America. The list is great for bowling enthusiasts, a night on the town with your significant other, or a family event.

Rock n Bowl (New Orleans)

The Rock n Bowl is a beautiful and culturally charged musical bowling alley that promises more fun than you could ever pay for. Although the place is open every day of the week, you should really attend their Zydeco night. It is like a mini music festival, and it is no doubt bound to bring out your fun side. There is a dance floor you can swing dance on, the bowling is great, and the beer is cheap and continuously flowing.

They do offer great snacks, but I recommend finding something more substantial if you are looking for a complete meal.  The Zydeco night on Thursday features Geno Delafose and the French Rockin Boogie band play life of the Zydeco night. 

In all honesty, it’s more of a dance hall and general party location than a bowling alley. It’s almost like you go there to have fun first and bowl on the side. You will find the Rock n Bowl at 3016 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans.

Duck Pin (Indianapolis, Indiana)

Duck Pin is a magical bowling alley that feels like a trippy time machine. Keeping you the feeling, that you’re back in the 50s and 60s again. This place was obsessively accurate with the decor, and it is nearly impossible to find something out of place.

Duckpin isn’t the biggest bowling alley out there. However, it is always packed with people, and it can get very loud, adding to the ambiance The food is superb and they let you bring your own shoes provided it’s safe and meets their requirements.

The prices of goods are services aren’t really over the top except for bowling itself. Bowling for an hour costs about $40 but you pay for a unique experience.  You will find the Atomic Duck Pin at 1105 Prospect Street, Indianapolis.

Xlanes Family Entertainment Center (Los Angeles, California)

Xlanes family entertainment center is the perfect place for anyone looking to have fun. They don’t restrict entry based on age, they just slap wrist bands on those people that are 21 and older. At this great family entertainment center, there is a little something for the entire family.

If you aren’t crazy about bowling, there is an arcade, pool tables, and karaoke bar inside the entertainment center. It’s packed with heavy security and kids most of the time, but it can be fun regardless. It is a great place to hang out with friends, family, or strangers and having fun, but bowling can get a bit expensive on the weekend. Sometimes it shoots up all the way to $65 per hour. 

The bar and food selection are great if you are thinking about eating a quick meal. Their facilities and toilets are pretty clean, and they have great customer service. Considered the best bowling alleys in Los Angeles You can find Xlanes at 333 Alameda Street, Ste 300 Los Angeles, California. 

Brooklyn Bowl (New York, Vegas, Nashville)

This fun bowling alley at the heart of Brooklyn is the perfect place for you if you are looking for a little bit of fun and a great dining experience. This cool bowling alley has fantastic music, mind-blowing shows, events, and excellent service. Brooklyn Bowl has a large space, a bar, and great food. 

The facilities are always clean, and the waiters and bartenders are attentive and friendly. It can get very packed on the weekends, and they have a reliable reservation system. In all honesty, it’s not the best place to visit if you are looking for quiet bowling only. It’s an event hall that happens to have a cool bowling area. The flagship location is considered the best bowling alley in NYC.  You can find Brooklyn Bowl at 61 Wythe Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. You can also find a Brooklyn Bowl in Vegas and Nashville

Shenaniganz Entertainment Center (Rockwall, Texas)

Best bowling alley Dallas

If the name wasn’t a dead giveaway, then perhaps the decor of the bowling alley will tell you everything you need to know about this establishment. Although it is a tad bit expensive, it more than makes up for it with stunning ambiance and great service.

Shenaniganz is a party and event venue that specializes in the entertainment of kids and fun-seeking adults. They offer lots of fun and engaging arcade games, bowling, and exciting card games. The waiters are pleasant and attentive, and the food is also worth coming back for.

Shenaniganz is the right place for fun, but it is not the cheapest place to visit. The prices range up to $150 for an hour and a half of conservative fun. It’s more of a location you visit four or 5 times a year or so. You can find Shenaniganz at 1290 E Interstate 30, Rockwall, Texas. Widely considered the best bowling in Dallas.

The Sea Bowl (Pacifica California)

best-bowling alleys Los Angeles

The sea bowl is no doubt, one of the best bowling bars in all of America. They make great food and provide services with a smile. Sea bowl keeps the place clean even when clients are running around. They have a great arcade with some of the classics and a lot of new games. 

The bowling experience is as you’d expect. It’s all pretty standard. The shoes are clean and comfortable, and the competition is pretty light-hearted. It’s a lovely place to meet people and most people that visit the place come back for a second time and third time.

The Sea Bowl is not perfect. In fact, it is anything but perfect. The service might be spotless and the company great, but the place racks up quite a bill and demands outrageous tips. Depending on how many people you come with and how long you prepare to stay, you should be expect to pay around $150-200. It is a great place if money is no object, but if it is, then you should be seriously considering alternatives or spend less time at the Sea Bowl. You can find the Sea Bowl at 4625 Coast Highway Pacifica California. 

West Seattle bowl

Best bowling alleys

The West Seattle bowl is a bowling bar out of a fairy tale. It has everything typical bowling alleys never have. It has great services, great customer service, fantastic food, and a separate dining room. 

The food is so great here, most people come here just for that and the great deals of course. The alley has days of the week dedicated to different bowling themed events. Monday through Sunday offers something unique. 

Bowling here is not bad too. It is a large place and bowling here is relatively cheap. The league is something else entirely, and they have the most attentive staff. The bar offers moderately priced alcohol and decent conversation. Overall, this is a great bowling alley for the family. You can find the Sea Bowl east at 4505 39th Ave SW Seattle.

Timber Lanes (Chicago)

Best bowling Chicago

Timber lanes is an old-school bowling lane that commits to its story. There is nothing really visually stimulating about the place, but with their service, pricing, dedication to the niche, they have turned something average into somewhere truly special. They allow reservations, single games, and they do events and birthday parties. 

They have a manual scoring system that demands that you manually keep scores and they have a great bar with decent prices. You can find the Timber lane at 1851 W Irving Park Road, Chicago, Illinois.

Bowling alleys have evolved over the years. They used to be places where you’d visit to bowl and get a beer on the side,  but now they are large entertainment centers with arcades and pool tables. If you are more of a traditional bowler so to speak and prefer everything old school and plain, then there are great bowling alleys here for you. Out of the list above you, will find the best bowling alley that fits you best. If you have embraced the times and you are ready to have uninhibited fun, there are tons of great places to visit all over America. Also, check out our list of the best Arcades in America. bowling alley,best bowling alley near me,best bowling alleys atlanta,best bowling alleys chicago,best bowling alleys dallas,best bowling alleys in america,best bowling alleys in us,best bowling alleys Los Angeles,best bowling alleys nyc,bowling alleys open,cool bowling alleysThere are at least a few hundred bowling alleys in America alone. With so many, it can be challenging to choose the best bowling alleys in America. This guide was designed to help you take the edge off a little bit. It consists of honest reviews of the best...Where Women & Gaming Unite