Drinking board games are quite the rage nowadays. It’s amazing how a normal board game can turn into the night of your life with just a tad bit of creativity. Let’s take a deeper look into the best drinking board games on the market. Pick any drinking board game from the list below and enjoy an evening with friends, family, or colleagues. 

Drink A Palooza

Best Drinking Board Game

Drink A Palooza is always mentioned as one of the top adult party games created. The game mixes a horde of classic games together from PONG, King’s Cup, Flip Cup Quarter, and more. The best feature of Drink A Palooza is that it can be played anywhere within a group between 2-12 players. If you are in search of a party gift that is entertaining and rewarding at the same time, then look no further than Drink A Palooza.

Don’t Get Drunk

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This game is for those that love to party and spend quality time with friends. Don’t Get Drunk is a dare game that can be played between 2-8 players. The drinking board game combines a lot of games like Kings Cup, Beer Pong, and Flip Cup, thus earning the nickname of Gameception.

Great for any occasion starting from bachelor parties to BBQ nights the game can set the mood for all social gatherings. The overall time required to play the game from 60-90 minutes. Widely seen as one of the best party drinking board games on the market; the game requires social media posting and dares. 

Out of Commission Party Game

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The interactive board game has an intoxicating twist that adds to the fun factor. Out of commission brings with it a fresh experience and makes players undergo hilarious obstacles and challenges. While the obstacles can make you burst out in a fit of laughter, the game itself builds on an experience that makes party night even more happening.

The game includes 30 face-off and mystery cards. You can even make your own rules if you feel that the cards are getting repetitive. The easy-to-understand format and the humorous nature makes the board game a must-have for gatherings, parties, quarantine drinking, or dorm room gaming.


best drinking board game to buy

There is a reason that Drinkopoly is known as the blurriest Game ever. The game has some of the most unique rules which provide nothing but fun for players. There are 44 square fields in the game which are combined with drink-related tasks.

The game also comes with 50 cards that have various tasks as well, some being quite insane. For every card, you pull be prepared for some mischief. The game can be played with up to 6 players. Drinkopoly can double as a quarantine drinking game and makes a memorable home party drinking night.

DIY Homemade Drinking Board Games:

This list below comprises the best board games to turn into drinking games:

The Game Of Life

Game of life drinking game

The Game of life is a classic board game beloved around the world. The game takes players through a roller coaster ride and lands them in hilarious situations. Spicing up the game with booze while you navigate and explore the engaging game adds a new level of fun to a classic. Add your own rules and enjoy your favorite board game a new way.


homemade Monopoly drinking game

Monopoly is widely considered the “King of Board Games” and one of the most iconic board games ever. Get ready to become hysterically embroiled in a situation through this drunk version of Monopoly. One aspect that sets the game apart is the rules. Every player can come up with their own and set the mood of the party. A great way to spend time with your friends, family, or spouse and one of the best drinking games to play for couples.

Thumper Drinking Game:

Thumper is a highly interactive fast-paced game in every way. All you need is a group of friends, drinks, hand gestures, and a voice.

How To Play:

This list is for drinkers of legal age only. These drinking board games offer a one-of-a-kind drinking experience for all adults and include the best drinking board games on the market.

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