Every gamer should have at least one PC controller in their arsenal. They provide maximum comfort and improve the gaming experience tenfold. Some games are simply tormenting playing on a keyboard. It doesn’t take long to realize that playing with a gamepad is the better option. We are here to help all the gamers looking for the best PC controllers on the market. Yes, some are the highest of grade and there are those that are effective but, won’t break the bank. 

Best Overall PC Gaming Controllers 

Razer Wolverine Ultimate Controller 

Best PC gaming controller

The Razer Wolverine Ultimate is Probably is one of the best PC gaming controllers on the market. Probably one of the best available today. Why?

For starters, it comes with two interchangeable thumbsticks and D-Pads. You can easily swap between the layouts to boost your gameplay action. Additionally, it comes equipped with two extra remarkable bumpers, four triggers, and a Quick Control Panel. 

This is not your average PC gaming controller. It is a Razer product, naturally, it comes with Chroma effects. For beginners, Chroma allows players to sport a series of lighting effects to show off their skills in style. However, don’t forget you’ll need separate apps to manage the RGB lighting across multiple devices. Simply put, the Razer Wolverine Ultimate controller is a comfortable and attractive gamepad (thanks to Chroma). 


  • Swappable D-Pad and thumbsticks
  • Clicking, loud face buttons 
  • Chroma integration


  • A bit expensive

ASTRO Gaming Store C40 TR Controller 

ps4 controller on pc

Although it is a third-party manufactured device, the C40 TR is a premium controller. The ASTRO C40 is unique as you can move around the parts and enjoy gaming as you please. Don’t like the left thumbstick? Swap it for a D-Pad! It’s that simple. The controller was designed with the PS4 in mind but is great for playing on PC too.

What’s more, is you can set the PC controller vibration based on your comfort. If  you’re like us, you swear by vibrations to enhance gameplay, this is the best PC controller for you. In short, the C40 TR comes with a unique mappable and interchangeable design that makes it an asset to every gamer. You can keep switching the parts till you hit the right combination. 

This is truly one of the best PC controllers you can buy. As a former PS4 player, I started using this controller, there’s no other controller I’d want. 


  • Interchangeable buttons
  • Features a unique Windows software 
  • Audio equalizer for headphone jack!


  • More costly than lesser grade controllers

Best Xbox PC Controllers

Xbox Controller – Wireless 

Sleek, streamlined, and textured. These three words define the new Xbox wireless controller perfectly. The Microsoft Xbox controller is equipped to serve as a PC controller. Its predecessor, the original Xbox Wireless Controller had set the bar too high. The gaming community was buzzing to see how Microsoft topped its already phenomenal gamepad. After the new version launched, we were impressed. 

Microsoft decided to keep the original design but added a variety of features. The most awaited (and liked!) addition, however, is the share button in the center. When live streaming a game, this button helps you capture your gameplay action without any complex gestures. 

Lastly, the wireless aspect is what gamers needed. The extended Bluetooth compatibility makes this model a truly wireless controller. This PC controller is great for playing Minecraft and many similar games. In addition to all its features, the PC controller vibration settings will enhance your gaming experience.

That said, if you are looking for a reliable gamepad the newest Xbox Wireless Controller is worth a try.


  • Affordable price
  • Share button included
  • Supports most games 


  • None that we could find

Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 

controller for emulators

The Elite Series 2 controller is one of the most appreciated options on the market. While the previous series did not feature Bluetooth connectivity, the Elite Series 2 controller is fully Bluetooth-enabled. Unlike most controllers, just a few minutes of gaming will be enough to tell you what this pc controller for android is all about. And let us be clear, it screams luxury. 

The numerous customization options give you hours of unparalleled gaming experience. This makes it a great PC controller for emulators. A big step up from the Series 1 in the Series 2 controller is the carrying case. The sleek case doubles as a charging case for the controller. At full charge, you can enjoy approximately 40-hours of gameplay!

The only drawback we can pinpoint is its cost. As the name suggests, this controller is only for elite gamers (or serious gamers!) who have the determination and money to spend on a PC controller.   


  • Near-endless customization opportunities
  • 40-hours battery life 
  • USB-C type charging dock


  • Higher priced 

Best PC Controllers for Simple Games

Logitech F310 Controller 

best logitech pc controller

This classic controller works with most devices and is supported by every game imaginable! From exciting new releases to timeless favorites. The F310 controller is customizable with Profiler software too!Its comfortable, advanced console-type design makes gaming even more enjoyable. If you have small hands, you understand the struggle of holding a large controller for hours. This is the best pc controller for small hands. You will have the best option in the tried and TRUSTED Logitech F310 controller. Out of all the models available, the F310 is one of the best Logitech PC controllers you can get your hands on. The Logitech F310 is among the most affordable gaming controllers in the market to date. Even then, you get a series of features and an extremely capable gaming controller. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Extensive game support
  • Simple plug-n-play


  • Not Bluetooth-enabled
  • Moderate build

be1 Dual Vibration Wired Controller for Gaming 

pc controller for gta 5

Want an easily manageable gaming controller for games like GTA 5? 

The be1 Wired Gaming Controller offers broad compatibility when it comes to games or devices. You can use it on Windows, TV, PS, and Android (4.0 and up). 

It lets you play ported versions of console games. To add to your gaming experience, the joystick-style controller comes with dual electric motors. So, whenever you crash or are sot at, check out the feel. But if you don’t like the vibration, you can turn off the feature. 

With the dual electric motors and its anti-slip design, the be1 Dual Vibration Controller provides you a comfortable and thrilling gaming experience. 

This controller’s ergonomic shape and design make it one of the best PC controllers in the market. If you want a simple, affordable controller, this is the one for you. 


  • Simple, ergonomic design 
  • Compatible with most console games


  • Average quality
  • Not great for professional gamers

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