Ever wondered what the best video games for couples to play are? As exciting as gunning down enemy soldiers in a fictional world is, it can be incredibly lonely without somebody to share that unique experience with. When I say someone to share it with, I don’t mean a couple of your friends, I mean someone so important to you, they are practically an extension of yourself. 

You have to admit, there is some allure to gaming with someone very close to you. It could very well strengthen your relationship and give you a lot more to talk about aside from the regular topics that fill up your conversations. With that said, I will go on to cover some of the best co-op games out there. I’ll try to stay on the less competitive side, but if you and your partner are up for something more serious, there will be some suggestions later on.


Overcooked 2  

Overcooked 2 video game for couples

This is a cutesy type co-op game where you and your partner assume the job of co-chefs of a popular and buzzing restaurant. Your duties as co-chefs are to attend to the flurry of customers that come in. The game focuses on proper communication and teamwork, so it should be a treat for you and your partner if you have excellent communication skills. If not, it presents an opportunity for you to work on some of your weaknesses.

The game is not all that demanding, and it has a kind of mobile game feel to it. It’s not much of a looker, but then again, its focus is on communication and teamwork and not much else.  Although the game can be little bit challenging and sometimes downright impossible, as long as you remember that it’s all about having fun, you and your partner will be just fine.


Portal 2

portal 2 gaming couple


The Portal series is not only great for introducing video games to beginners but it’s also one of the best video games for couples to play together. This mental quagmire of a game is the second installment of the sensational portal 1, and it offers far more in the way of challenges and brain teasers. This co-op game requires the collective brainpower of you and your partner to navigate through portals while trying to solve impossible puzzles. 

Bending the laws of physics becomes even more fun with this co-op game, and the puzzles are guaranteed to drive you insane. The game has a different vibe to it. It’s quite different from most 3D games out there, and it’s definitely unlike most puzzles I’ve seen. It can put a strain on your relationship if you let it, and the feeling of solving the game eventually can only be described as ecstatic.



super bomberman date night video game.

This classic multiplayer game is a fun-filled alternative to the gritty portal two. It is a quasi-strategic game that has you setting bombs and trying to blow up your friends. The game is pretty simplistic and straightforward and has been around for about 30 years. It exists on numerous platforms, so getting a hold of it shouldn’t be so difficult. It promises hours of fun and it a lot of laughs. The game is pretty old, so expect 90s graphics. However, this is the perfect video game for couples to play together.


Super Mario 3D World

Super-Mario World 3D fun video games

There have been a lot of Mario games in the past, and this one is the latest addition to a long list of successful Mario games. However, this one takes a different approach to the usual 2D platformer Mario format. This Mario game is a three-dimensional take of the traditional Mario franchise. Expect everything from the original Mario world, and that means Kompas, Bullet Bills, Goombas, fire mushrooms, and of course mega mushrooms.

The powerups look even more ridiculous in 3D, and you are both bound to absolutely enjoy the experience if you were into the original Mario games. This is one of my favorite date night games for couples. After about five minutes of playing this ridiculously fun game, you’ll see why.


Little Big Planet

LIttle big planet 3 video game with couples

This mischief driven creation game is best played online or with someone else. The game is governed by user-created content with the help of creation tools that have been provided in-game. The game is more of an on the fly kind of game, and it’s not very demanding. The goal of the game is fun and the creation of puzzle-like levels for users to entertain and challenge themselves with. 

The game is perfect for you, your partner, and a bunch of your friends in an online community. The game can work out for you pretty well if your partner is somewhere far away. The multiplayer mode will ensure that you too can still play and interact in fun away regardless of the distance between you two.

More Hardcore Co-op games for couples

Halo Franchise

Halo best game for couples to play

Halo is a well-known classic franchise. I’ve played every single one since the first one way back in 2001, and they were all spectacular plays. I found that with all great shooter games, the real fun is in playing it with a couple of friends. We all know how exciting online multi-players are with random people, just imagine how much fun it will be with someone that is practically an extension of yourself.

If the multiplayer does not particularly appeal to you, you and your partner are more than welcome to clear the campaign together. It’s considerably more fun that way.


Resident Evil

Resident evil video game for couples

Resident Evil is a mega-franchise that consists of numerous games and movies that date all the way back to 1996. Follow a group of flat, good looking game characters as they battle massive hoards of zombies and make their way down an impossible facility to stop a maniac. A maniac by the way that eventually transforms into a supercharged zombie. You’d think that after about 8 games a single storyline would get kind of monotonic, but the ridiculous plot is part of the charm of this survival franchise. 

Unfortunately, most versions of their games do not feature a multiplayer mode, but resident evil 5 and 6 are the exception to that rule. The remake of resident evil: revelations 2 also feature a new multiplayer mode too. With these three games, you can expect to share that trademark apocalyptic adventure together and rack up headshots on your way to the boss. Great for video game playing couples looking for an adventure in which a bit of a higher skill level is needed.


Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark video games for families

Ark is a survival game that genuinely offers very little in the way of an exciting plot or storyline, but what it lacks in plot it more than makes up for in sheer carnage and complexity. This game is enjoyable by yourself, but the fun instantly doubles when you choose to take things online or play with a friend.

Ark offers a lot of playing options, and that is one of the reasons that I can confidently recommend it. You can play by your lonesome. You can also decide to play with your friend (or in this case, your partner) and stay online or offline. 

Take control of this post-apocalyptic world that has been ravaged by dinosaurs and tame the very beasts that were supposed to hunt you. Food and shelter take precedence in this game, and they can often be more critical to survival than teammates. This is truly one of my favorite games for couples.



PUBG best dating video games

I am sure that this game might have crossed your mind a few times, but you probably shrugged it off because it might not be his or her thing. Well, it can’t hurt to try. PUBG is the battle royale game that is taking the internet by storm. Originally starting out on PC, the game recently launched on mobile. Since then, this game has absolutely shut down the internet. To properly play PUBG on your pc you need a decent GPU and an obscenely secure internet connection, but since its introduction to Android and iOS, any decent phone with a Snapdragon processor should handle it quite well. 

The game has a fantastic co-op mode where you work as a team to kill the other players in the locale that you find yourself. Although fast-paced and challenging, it’s loads of fun if you don’t let the pressure get to both of you. Nothing brings a couple together like brutally crushing everyone that is not you. It’s loads of fun, and you don’t have to be in the same environment to be on the same team. This is a game that I definitely recommend.

All the games in the list above have their flaws and might potentially test your relationship, but a little bickering never really hurt anybody anyways. The most important thing to remember is that it’s just a game. With that being said, all the above listed are great video games for couples as well as great videos games for parties. They can bring you closer to your mate and provide amazing entertainment at the same time.

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