Cloud gaming

Cloud gaming is an exciting concept and of late, has been a viral topic in the gaming industry. In this post, we’ll see what the buzz is all about.

Although cloud gaming allows you to play a lot of the same games as you’d play on a console, it offers varying forms of flexibility to players. How? Let’s find out!

What is Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is a technology that has the potential to cut costs and enhance your gaming experience significantly. Popularly called game streaming, it is a service that uses cloud servers to run games.

Just like Netflix, you’ll need to subscribe to the cloud gaming service. This eliminates the need to buy separate consoles to enjoy different games. Therefore, the same platform allows you to try out various games.

So, the primary advantage is users don’t need to invest in separate hardware to play the latest games. A device in which internet connectivity is the only requirement for cloud gaming.

Want to know how you can enjoy games on the go with the help of cloud streaming?

Let’s discuss how this phenomenal idea of cloud gaming works.

How Cloud Gaming Works

Worried about how cloud gaming works? We are here to help. As we previously mentioned, cloud gaming is much like online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. In the past decades, CDs and DVDs were household objects. You’d find them everywhere. But with time, we found their replacement in the form of movie and music streaming services.

Likewise, do not worry about the hardware configuration. Enjoy multiple games on the same platform. You won’t need any high-end hardware or gaming console. 

The cloud gaming company’s server is where the processing happens. So, your PC won’t burn out.

Currently you may experience a slight lag unlike in local gaming where you can enjoy uninterrupted and smooth gameplay. However, we suspect that this will be negligible and players will seldom notice it.

Consider, for example, Google Stadia. We’ll cover it in detail later on in the post but here’s a summary of its working:

When you log into your account, you get to pick from a plethora of games. Once you select the game, an immensely powerful server starts running it. The server then shares it with you through Google Chrome or on any supported device. While you play, the server logs inputs and performs them to stream the game continuously to you.

That’s the basic concept of cloud gaming. All cloud gaming services follow a similar streamlined process to provide you with an optimum gaming experience. While some support controllers, certain gaming services support gamepads or keyboards.

That said, let’s look at the different gaming services you should know about.

Different Cloud Gaming Platforms

Google Stadia

What is Google Stadia

What is Google Stadia?

If you want to play current games on any device with an internet connection, Google Stadia is for you. It lets you play just about any game avilable without worrying about downloads or installations.

We know what you’re thinking—this technology will need a high-end machine, right?

Not at all!

So how does Stadia work? If your device can run the Chrome browser, it can run Google Stadia.

And as you may have guessed, iOS users cannot enjoy this exciting service. If you’re one of them, we have some other options for you.

You can play several games even on a slow internet connection. However, the only downside, in this case, will be compromised graphic quality.

Google Stadia Review


  • Google Stadia is available in multiple price ranges. You get the Premiere Edition and the Founder’s Edition.
  • The game streaming subscription is extremely affordable (currently starting at just $9.99 a month).
  • You can play all games available on Google Stadia on any device with the Chrome browser.
  • Google Stadia boasts a wide variety of games to choose from.


  • The service itself is very data-heavy.
  • Buy the games to play 
  • Might not have your favorite game just yet

Xbox Game Streaming

What is xbox xcloud?

What is xbox xcloud

What is Xbox xCloud? Just like Google Stadia, Microsoft is now offering unlimited access to over 100 games. Pay a minimal amount and enjoy uninterrupted gaming bliss. This service by Microsoft was named the Xbox xCloud. However, it is now called Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming.

All you need a Bluetooth-enabled controller and a well-matched device. Although it is more expensive than the Google Stadia, you get a few more perks. Besides the richest gaming library, an Xbox Game Pass Cloud Gaming subscription lets you play on Xbox, PC, or any Android device. An Xbox xCloud beta will be soon coming to iPhones and desktops.

Every month, Microsoft updates its servers to add and remove games. While the exclusive options remain constant, you get a new collection of games every month.

Xbox Xcloud Review


  • Xbox Games Pass Cloud Gaming offers hundreds of AAA games to choose from.
  • You don’t have to buy games after getting a subscription.
  • Cross-platform sync is available. You can enjoy synchronous gameplay on different devices.


  • You cannot play games other than the ones available in the Game Pass category.

Amazon Luna

What is Amazon Luna

What is Amazon Luna?

Since we’re talking about streaming services, how can we forget Amazon? Since the companies extremely popular Amazon Prime Video streaming service, the company has now started its cloud gaming service Amazon Luna.

Currently, Luna is in an invite-only phase. But with time, we expect Amazon to open the platform for the public. 

The biggest disadvantage, however, is Amazon’s ridiculously high prices. The Luna Controller itself will cost you approximately $50. Besides that, you will also be charged $5.99 to access the very few games they stream. 

But on the bright side, the collection of games is enticing. And what we like about it is they’re all playable once you’ve got the subscription. 

Amazon Luna Review


  • Amazon Luna works perfectly on any browser.
  • Reasonably priced if you don’t mind the one-time expensive cost of the controller. 
  • Luna offers very smooth gameplay.


  • Amazon Luna is still in the development phase and therefore, not readily accessible. You need an invitation to subscribe to this cloud gaming service.
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