Gamer girls have proven ourselves to be every bit as passionate as our male counterparts. So, it only stands to reason that we are just as obsessed with gaming collectibles and gifts. Assembled below are the best gifts for gamer girls. This list has been carefully chosen with gamer women in mind, but would be perfect for any gamer regardless of gender or age.

The Legend of Zelda Nintendo Zelda Foldover Clutch

gamer girl Clutch


This hybrid clutch bag is the perfect accessory for a true Legend of Zelda fan. It is made of Faux leather, and it comes with a beautiful snap closure. It was made in the official Zelda colors, and It has a detachable chain that can be removed to reduce the bag into a simple clutch or added to make it a purse. It is a relatively large bag, and it has a full polyester interior and numerous zipper compartment.

It is the perfect purse for any gamer girl who absolutely loves the franchise. It is big enough to contain the bare essentials- phone, money, credit card, and it has the proud Zelda emblem and the signature green and gold colors. It is a precious gift that will remain ever dear to her heart.

Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop

best gamer girl laptop

The Acer 5 is a sleek and clean Gaming Laptop. The laptop is screen 15.6” with an i5-9300H core, 8 GB, 4.1 GHz and built-in Amazon Alexa. The laptop is easily upgradeable; perfect for beginning and moderate gamers. This smooth laptop gives you crisp graphics, is the perfect gift for gamer girls and a great bang for your buck.

Pac-Man Paladone Ghost Light Table Lamp

Gamer girl xmas gift 

This is a beautiful Pac-man themed lamp or night light capable of producing 16 unique colors reminiscent of the original Pac-Man ghosts. The lamp is easily transportable and comes with three unique modes that were designed to blow you away. It comes with the single-color mode, the low color switch mode, and finally the party color mode.

The lamp is a certified Pac-Man accessory and is sure to last six years at least with proper care and usage. It is the perfect gift for an 80s game buff. She’ll love the fact that the lamp is in the shape of a lamp. What she’ll like even more are the changing lights and party mode.

 PlayStation Icons Light by Paladone

PS4 gift for gamer girl


These PlayStation themed night lights are beautiful accessories that add a little bit of personality to your room. They are made with the four unique colors that make up the average PlayStation action buttons, and they respond well to music and can function as a night light and a great conversation starter.

It is meant for the gamer looking to add a little bit of color to her otherwise boring room. It comes with three unique modes: the standard, special effect color phasing mode, and the music mode. It can be connected to any computer, and it is bound to get everyone talking with its amazing music-color shifting abilities. The night light is perfect for any gamer, Rather a gamer kid, gamer girl, gamer boyfriend or girlfriend any PlayStation fan will absolutely love this night light.

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme Gaming PC

Gamer girl gaming pc

The CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme is an easy to use and ultra-reliable gaming PC great for gamers of all ages. The computer has an i5 processor with 8 GB, 2.9 GHz speed, and a 6 GB video card (GTX 1060). This highly customizable, durable, and efficient PC is a steal at its current market price.

Spectre 27” Curved 144hz Gaming LED Monitor

gaming monitor gift


This inexpensive borderless 144hz gaming monitor is exactly the type of affordable, functional monitor that every newbie gamer needs regardless of his/her sex. It comes with fantastic built-in speakers, blue light filter, 1080p display, AMD FreeSync, and a sturdy monitor stand. It comes with a little bit of everything and will definitely produce great images and completely transform her gaming experience. It is the perfect gift for someone who is building her first gaming pc. It will no doubt complete her experience.

HOU JI E- Element Z-88 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

gaming keyboard gift

This all-white RGG lit keyboard comes with fully customizable RGB keys. Each key delivers a slightly clicky and decidedly tactile experience and allows you to feel each individual key press regardless of how many other keys were pressed at the same time. This fantastic keyboard is hassle-free and promises a driverless experience. It has dedicated keys and controls to help you control the RGB properly.

It works fine on versions of Windows as far back as Vista. It also works great with Mac too, it is precisely the type of high-grade tactile experience that every pro gamer mus have regardless of their sex. It is just a great keyboard all round. It will be the perfect gift for your gamer friend whose old keyboard isn’t quite right for gaming.

Nintendo Retro NES Controller Throw Blanket by Bioworld

This fantastic throw blanket was made with one of the greatest entertainment systems of the 80s in mind. The blanket was made in the layout of the memorable Nintendo Entertainment system controller. It will remind her of the golden of gaming and all the great games that were ushered in with that great addition to the Nintendo universe.

This is exactly the type of geeky accessory that every retro gamer would absolutely live for. It is made with premium cotton, and it has the dimensions of 48” by 60”. The size and the pattern is woven into this product makes it a practical and decorative gift for gamer girls around the world.

Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair OFM Essentials

Best Gifts for Gamer Girls


The OFM Gaming chair is a piece of furniture that will definitely leave an impression. It is made entirely of high-grade leather, and it comes with an ergonomic swivel system that will engage your friend’s goofy side. It was designed with segmented padded seats, padded armrests, and a declinable and adjustable backrest. It also comes with a dedicated headrest and can support up to 250 pounds of weight. It is a sturdy, comfortable multipurpose chair that will give provide a cheap and affordable replacement for her expensive gaming chair should she ever need it.

Eureka Ergonomic Z60 Gaming Desk

gaming desk gift


The Z60 Gaming Desk is a multipurpose desk that was designed to strike a unique balance between serious work and gaming. It comes in a unique and stylish Z style design and has a top that measures about 60 inches across. The sleek, portable and aggressive design appeals to gamers and content creators alike, and it is perfect for your female gamer friend who is looking for something more spacious and comfortable.

The table is capable of withstanding about 220 pounds of weight before it gives out and it also has muted RGB lights on both sides of the table. It is spacious, practical, and perfect for anyone looking for a complete workspace and a conducive work environment.

Concealable NES Flask (Ages 21+)

Video Game xmas gift


This perfect 4.25 oz. Flask is the ideal present for anyone who loves a little bit of booze and is a Nintendo fan. The flask was designed with the traditional Nintendo games in mind and is meant to turn heads and call attention with its unique shape and design. On the top, it sports a unique logo that is as stylish as it is defiant. It comes in different images that are all parodies of great Nintendo games.

It is the perfect gift for any gamer who loves to turn head with not only her charm and her skill, but her accessories too. The unique design will certainly earn her a second look from her friends and random fans of Nintendo and the franchises associated with that platform. The flask is entirely leak-proof, and it has a rubberized cap that prevents all leaks. This piece is one of the more fun gamer gifts for Christmas and beyond.

Gamer Girl Shirts

This handcrafted shirt with gamer texts and colors is perfect for someone looking to add a little bit of personality to his or her wardrobe. The shirt is unisex and is made of cotton and polyester. It adds a little bit of personality to her outfit and doubles as an in house t-shirt or gaming uniform. Perfect for any girl looking to show a little bit of character by telling the world who she is and what she loves doing. One of my personal favorite gifts for gamer girls. *Click on shirt for more details.

Gifts for gamer girls tshirtgaming girl tshirt Best Gifts for Gamer Girlsgamer girl funny tshirtgamer girl shirt gift

Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset

Oculus rift gifts


The Oculus Rift S is the best set of VR Gaming Headsets to start with. It comes with responsive Oculus Touch Controllers, an ergonomic design, a high-resolution display and an extensive library of games. The headset provides complete immersion and has direct plug and play capabilities for newbies that are less tech-inclined.

Any woman gamer new to VR gaming will absolutely love the hardware. It has great ergonomics and is comfortable. It is capable of producing crisp high definition images, and it comes at an affordable price. Although it’s not the best for laptops with no full HDMI ports, it works just fine for your average tower or pc.

Gunnar Gaming and Computer Eyewear

best gaming glasses gift

Gunnar Gaming Glasses aren’t like your average gaming glasses that promise style and protection. Gunnar gaming glasses strike the perfect balance between style and functionality.It completely blocks out blue light, reduces and prevents eye strains, headaches, and helps you sleep better.

The only drawback of this fantastic product is the color distortion. It might be a problem for some gamers, but the average person should not have a problem getting used to the new color changes. The glasses are lightweight, come with great nose hinges and are the right amount of geeky. It is the type of lenses that your girl gamer friend can totally see herself falling in love with.

USAOPOLY The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Collector’s Puzzle Series #1

gaming puzzle gift

Any diehard fan of the Zelda franchise would immediately recognize the image on this 550 piece puzzle and would definitely jump at the opportunity to recreate this image in the original stained glass format that it was showed in the Wind Waker.

The puzzle is 550 pieces of pure fun and is bound to stir up emotions of gratitude and appreciation upon delivery. It is beautifully simple and sophisticated enough for you and your favorite gamer girl to piece together throughout the afternoon while telling stories of your favorite legend of Zelda moment. It is a great conversational piece, and it promises hours of excitement and fun. Truly, one of the best gifts for gamer girls.

An Illustrated History of 151 Video Games: A Detailed Guide to Important Games

Book gift for gamers


This fun and informative book could help shed a little light on the evolution of gaming in general. Super helpful to understand what it took for video games to get to the level of first-person shooters and great 3D games.

This book tells the story of the greatest industry on earth with eye-catching images and well-researched and compiled facts and information. It is a must-read for anyone who is just starting out with games and is a little bit curious about how we went from 8 bit Nintendo’s to 64-bit games.

Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger

Minecraft Charger gift


This colorful Minecraft themed charger lights up red and is powerful enough to swiftly charge your most demanding phones and tablets. This colorful 2 in 1 charger is capable of simultaneously charging two of your devices at the same time. It is the perfect quality charger with your gamer friend who is looking to add a little bit of color to her charging experience. This charger also doubles as an LED light and comes with an orange light bulb of the iconic Redstone torch. It is an officially verified Minecraft merchandise, and it comes one 2.1A output and another 1A output.

There are thousands of great gifts for gamer girls who game as hard as you do. The question is how personal and expensive are you willing to get. Regardless of the size of your wallet, there is something for everybody on this list, and whatever you choose is bound to leave a lasting impression on the recipient.

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