Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows everyday gamers to be seen by millions of viewers. Out of all the video game streaming sites on the web, viewers and, gamers flock to Twitch most frequently. It’s easy to navigate, user-friendly, and highly interactive making the experience enjoyable for both viewers and streamers. One perk of streaming on Twitch is the Twitch affiliate program that allows gamers to make money streaming on the platform. Due to its game-changing perks, gamers all around the world want to learn how to become a Twitch affiliate.

How to become a twitch affiliate
Twitch affiliate acceptance letter

Twitch Affiliate Requirements

Officially Twitch requires you to:

  • Have approximately 500 total minutes of broadcast in 30 days
  • 3 concurrent viewers or more for the last 30 days or so
  • Have 50 followers or more
  • 7 unique broadcast within the last 30 days or more

There are many theories about what streamers need to accomplish before they can become a Twitch partner. Of course, most streamers want to know exactly how to become a Twitch affiliate fast. Some of these theories include subscriber count, subscriber interaction, views, and the volume of content you have on your channel. However, sometimes it seems that persistence and becoming more creative with each rejection works best. Even if you meet their entire checklist, they might not approve your partnership request. They officially have the right to refuse your request. There are many proven ways to improve your chances that we will discuss.

Twitch Marketing

It doesn’t matter whether you run a YouTube channel or Twitch account. Creating a unified image of yourself is the first step in becoming a legitimate business person and a strong social media personality. As a twitch personality, you want to make sure whatever you post should align with your brand. It should also have a link to your social media accounts. Creating a unified personality and linking it up with your entire universe makes you seem like a generally more trustworthy person. This can sometimes be the difference between getting a new subscriber and losing fans.

Studying successful streamers is another easy to implement, yet powerful strategy that anyone can apply. If you want to be as successful as the most popular streamers then you should study their marketing practices, social media activities, chat interactions, schedules, and hours spent. Even if you can’t use all of the strategies that your favorite streamer uses you can at least make one small step to improving your visibility on Twitch.

Twitch Streaming

how to start streaming on twitch

There are various types of streamers on Twitch. There are variety streamers, one game streamers, professional esports competitors, community focused streamers, and a combination of all of the above. Even within categories, each streamer has their own style. It’s up to you to determine what type of streamer you want to be and the games that you want to play. Maybe you’re humorous who likes Hack and Slash games, or perhaps you are you’re addicted to Fortnite. Once you find your niche, develop it, and stick to it. Keep in mind that the biggest audiences comes from not only the most popular games but newest games as well.

As a streamer looking to grow his or her fan base, you should consider making improvements a mandatory part of your process. It’s not enough that you are exceptionally good at what you do. Try making cleaner animations, better intros, using a cleaner interface, and upgrading your equipment every once in a while. They might seem like a chore, but they will do wonders for your brand your image later down the line.

The most crucial part of running a channel is your relationship with your viewers, as it is an indispensable part of growing your empire. Building loyalty and mutual understanding between you and your fans will make or break you. To your viewers, you are someone they see more than some of their friends and family, not just another random streamer.

Tips to Become a Twitch Affiliate

A large part of fulfilling the requirement that Twitch demands is consistency. Remaining consistent and informing your audience about when you are going to be online can do wonders for your channel. Setting a streaming timetable will give your streams brand structure, helping you stay organized, prioritizing your time and schedule. If you’re looking to become a Twitch affiliate I would advise going live at least three times a week. This is the bare minimum. 

Twitch is a platform that allows people from all walks of life to be successful. There is a niche for everywhere. On your road to streaming success, focus on your strategy. Want to know how to make money on twitch as a girl? or how to stand-out if you’re introverted? It’s simple, becoming a successful streamer and becoming a Twitch partner takes time, dedication, and is a learnable skill. It is becoming exceedingly difficult to make a splash in the industry and carve out your path with the overwhelming volume of talented streamers.

This guide was designed to give you all the information you need to make your decision to become an affiliate. In all honesty, most people that become a Twitch affiliate or Twitch partner still make nominal income from streaming, the streamers that actually make millions of dollars are rare. Even being a full-time streamer has its hardships. It’s always best to set realistic expectations for yourself, even if you make Twitch Partner doesn’t mean that you have to quit your day job.

Twitch Partner Benefits

You might hear many streamers talk about becoming a Twitch partner. This is slightly different than being a twitch affiliate and has a few more perks. Twitch has clearly outlined the differences between Twitch affiliate vs partner. Check it out below:

twitch affiliate requirements

Be a Twitch Affiliate

The advice given will help you leap to affiliate and even Twitch partner. of course, many factors will determine your success. Listen to your audience and involve yourself in the community. Remember to grow and learn from your experiences. The Twitch chat rooms can be a great place to get your name out there and interact with other gamers and streamers on the platform. much do small twitch streamers make,how to become a twitch affiliate,how to become a twitch partner,how to become a twitch streamer,how to get twitch affiliate fast,how to make money on twitch as a girl,how to make money on twitch ps4,how to start streaming on twitch,make money on twitch,twitch affiliate,twitch affiliate program,twitch affiliate requirements,twitch affiliate vs partner,twitch partner,twitch partner requirementsTwitch is a live streaming platform that allows everyday gamers to be seen by millions of viewers. Out of all the video game streaming sites on the web, viewers and, gamers flock to Twitch most frequently. It's easy to navigate, user-friendly, and highly interactive making the experience enjoyable for...Where Women & Gaming Unite