Making gaming videos can be fun, but building a popular channel is far more complicated than many beginning Youtubers believe. Creating successful videos requires dedication, attention, time, equipment, and consistency. Ever since the inception of  YouTube, there has been an up-rise in Gaming-centric channels and content. With a streaming platform like Twitch on the rise, it is important for YouTubers to create engaging content that gamers love. In this article, you will learn exactly how to make gaming videos, how to set up your gaming youtube channel for success, and all the different types of videos you can make.

how to make gaming videos

The Different Types of Gaming Channels

A Gaming Channel can be best described as a channel that is dedicated to everything and anything that has to do with gaming. It doesn’t really matter if it’s general advice, walkthroughs, comedy skits, reviews, criticisms, or gaming theories. As long far as it has to do with a game or the genre, it can be classified as a gaming channel. Most gaming channels fall into one of these four categories, but it is also possible for some gaming channels to make videos that fall into more than one of these categories. The easiest and most popular way to do this is, is by simply starting a gaming Youtube channel.

Series Channels

Series channels typically involve the creation of several videos dedicated to a specific game.  It often requires reviewing the quality of the game, its storyline, and combat mechanics. Typically containing running commentary as the game progresses and identifying anything worthy of note. It can be hilarious, informative, and entertaining at the same time. 

Commentary Channels

The majority of gaming channels fall into this category. These channels usually prioritize gaming, and the gamer just happens to run commentary as he/she plays the game. Usually, there is a tiny cutout on the screen that showcases the players’ faces, and his/her voice is usually in the background running commentary. These channels are fascinating and fun. They focus on the story itself and having fun while the game is on.

Walkthrough and Guide Channels 

These channels focus on providing tutorials and guides on how to play a game or achieve something unique like a specific power-up. These types of games don’t focus on the game itself or the story that is attached to it perse. It is more concerned with helping confused gamers defeat a certain foe, or achieve something that would be otherwise considered difficult or rare. These types of channels produce highly contextualized videos, and they are not the type you can just jump on without playing the game before watching the video

Streamer or Vloggers

These channels are usually associated with Twitch stars and Mixer streamers. They are a sort of a second platform for those people who game competitively or just stream. They showcase gaming and sometimes broadcast deep Vlogs that gets into their personal life and what it entails. These types of channels are the most prominent types of YouTube Gamers channels, and they are often the most lucrative.

Start With Great Gear

As a walk through gamer, competitive gamer, or commentary gamer, it is essential that you start out with quality hardware. You want equipment that can handle video editing, screen recording, gaming, and graphics. Since you are going to be gaming and commenting first I would recommend getting a webcam, a microphone, desktop, recording software, and video editing software.

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Microphone or Headset

For microphones, we recommend the Blue Yeti brand which are quite popular among YouTubers. There are numerous types of Blue Yeti microphones, and all will be sufficient for videos. You could also opt for the Samson Go instead. It’s cheaper than the Blue Yeti and can produce decent sound if you’re not too picky. If you are on a budget and you want something you can use to game, record videos and possibly do a little bit of competitive gaming with, then you should consider the HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset. 


There are a ton of YouTubers who don’t like to show their faces when they game, and of course, there are many that do. If you decide that you are one of those people who want the viewers to see what you look like, then the Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 is the kind of webcam you need to invest in. It produces crisp 1080p images, and it is built like a tank. It is definitely the best camera for the price. 


Choosing the right PC for gaming, recording and video editing can be a little bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Any PC with a decent graphics card, an 8th or 9th generation intel processor, and ample storage will do just fine. Choosing a readymade system with all the right bells and whistles is highly recommended, but if you are someone who loves to build up their own PC and upgrade with time, it can be as simple as swapping out some items.

How to Make Gaming Videos

16GB of Ram: if you plan to record and play games at the same time, then you need ample ram. 16GB of Ram should do the trick. 

A 1070 GPU or an RTX graphics card: The new RTX graphics card by NVidia is chocked full with ample processing power. It will no doubt be able to run the most graphically intensive games and has a screen recorder at the same time. It should also be powerful enough to run through your high definition video after you are done with recording. The 1070 and 1080 might be slightly dated and less potent than the latest RTX graphics card, but they are not obsolete. Some would argue that the old 10 series graphics cards have drastically lost value and this would be the perfect time to get graphics cards that were considered the best a couple of months ago.

A 9th or 8th generation processor: Any 8th or 9th generation i7 should have more than enough power to render and run the most graphically intensive games and videos. 

A 512 NVMe SSD: The use of an SSD is a non-negotiable part of owning and using a modern system. A mechanical hard drive would limit your workflow in ways you wouldn’t imagine. It will reduce Render speeds and load times in games. It might even slow them down completely. With an SSD, you could avoid this possibility and keep everything fast and efficient. 


The NVidia graphics cards are recommended for another reason aside from the ridiculous speed and efficiency. All modern NVidia graphics card comes with a free screen recording software called ShadowPlay that records your gameplay without minimal lags and stutters. If you need something to help with video/photo editing, we recommend buying an Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It comes with great video editing software at a reasonable price. You can add use photoshop for photo editing. If you want If you are a little bit strapped for cash, you could always download Sony Vegas 16 download Photoshop alone. If you are worried about audio quality, you could also use audacity to splice in your voice into the video before you finish your final edits. If you wondered how to make gameplay videos, the tools above answers your question.

Guide to making your Gaming YouTube channel successful

how to make gaming video

Once you have figured out which of the four categories you want your channel to fall into, and have created the channel you have to adhere to some basic rules that will guarantee growth and success.

Enticing Video Covers and Titles

When you want to make a video always carefully pick out a compelling cover image. Ensure that the cover is congruent with the blurb of words you decide to name the video with, this seems simple but many beginning Youtubers overlook this. Most of the YouTube community frowns on clickbait and misleading video covers, so be careful. Titles should be catchy, enticing, and impactful. Make sure that the titles are accurate, not doing this can deplete your brand and lose trust with your audience. Eventually, you want to add a logo to your videos, If you really want to impress. Always go with a simple, concise logo or intro. It is more professional than spinning logos and whatever other craziness you have in mind.

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KittyPlays is a popular Fortnite Youtuber

How to Make Gaming Videos Your Audience Wants to See

Making great content goes without saying. Don’t waste your audience’s time with misleading pictures, half baked ideas, and concepts. Whenever you make a video, odds are someone else has made a video on that exact same topic or game. The smart thing to do is to make sure that your video is more informational and useful than the other videos out there. They might have more views at the moment, but if you keep making great videos, people are bound to notice. When you do, subscribers and views will come in. Try to create great content as often as you can. People might love your stuff, but if there isn’t enough content, they might go elsewhere to get the information they need. Keep in mind, a bulk of the views you get come from the youtube discovery page, not just your subscribers.

Be Consistent

Consistency is king. You might not have more than 50 subscribers and 79 views per videos at the moment but don’t let that discourage you. Most people don’t blow up until a year after they started their YouTube account. It’s okay to struggle a little bit, but that doesn’t mean you should stop or slow down. People value consistency and organization. If you say you’ll make ten videos in a month, then do it. Being consistent will help you build up your library and help you seem legit when you finally become a YouTube star. 

Aside from Youtube, you have to synch up your account with multiple social media accounts (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok). It will help you better market yourself if you ever become an affiliate or sell a product. Creating your own YouTube channel dedicated entirely to gaming can overwhelming. It requires patience, devotion, and consistency. In this guide, we have simplified the entire process to some useful tips and basic instructions. These instructions will show you exactly how to make gaming videos allowing you to ultimately achieve your goals and help you launch a full-fledged gaming channel. youtube gamers,gaming youtube,gaming youtube channel,gaming youtube setup,how to make gameplay videos,how to make gaming videos,make youtube gaming videos,start a youtube channel,start a youtube gaming channel,Youtube gamer,Youtube gamer girl,youtube gamers,youtube video games,youtube video games channelMaking gaming videos can be fun, but building a popular channel is far more complicated than many beginning Youtubers believe. Creating successful videos requires dedication, attention, time, equipment, and consistency. Ever since the inception of  YouTube, there has been an up-rise in Gaming-centric channels and content. With a streaming...Where Women & Gaming Unite