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Established tech firms and studios prefer to hold multiple screenings and interviews to get to know their potential employees a little better and weed out underqualified and unenthusiastic candidates. The interviews and tests are all standard procedure in the industry. To pass the screening you would need a working knowledge of mathematics, programming languages, and design, basically everything you claim to be capable of on your resume. However, there are entry-level jobs available in the industry that don’t require experience.

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Before You Interview for a Job in the Video Game Field

The technical interview usually draws upon your numerous years of experience and put your knowledge to the test. As long as you prepare adequately for the interview, you shouldn’t be out of your depths. I would also recommend remaining calm and controlled during the entire interview. Role-playing is a helpful tool to prepare with, it allows you to practice responses to possible interview questions.

Learning everything there is to know about game development, design, and the gaming industry is only one part of the puzzle. The other part is creating opportunities for yourself with your impressive people skills. Writing a resume takes time and expertise. Most people fail at this and are often limited because of their inability to channel their inner marketer. Selling their skills and experience on their resume is of the utmost importance. Before you go for an interview or submit a resume, you should take your time to do research and learn how to write a thoroughly convincing resume.

Jobs in gaming

Generally, you’d want to lead with experience, education, and certification. Of course, add any relevant skills that make you uniquely qualified. Resumes should be concise, to the point, and compelling. The cover letter will give you enough space to convince the hiring team after you’d gotten your foot through the door already.

A Successful Career in the Video Game Industry

Getting a career in the video game industry is only the first step in the journey. Climbing up the ladder is the natural progression in the industry. Getting promoted as a game designer isn’t quite like making it in corporate America. With game design and development, getting promoted has more to do with taking more responsibility and becoming better at what you do than staying at a specific company for years. As you come into your element at your current studio or company, the next step is to try to take on more responsibility by heading up projects. Eventually, your work will speak for you, and you will get a promotion along with increased responsibilities. You must continue to learn and improve your knowledge and skillset. There are an abundant of jobs in gaming.

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