Twitch and Mixer are online game streaming services that allow players to stream live gaming sessions and make a profit from affiliate systems, merchandise, and advertising. While they both offer a similar service, they do have glaring differences. So which is better? Let’s compare the benefits and features of both platforms and settle this once and for all. Mixer Vs. Twitch.Ninja mixer

Mixer is a Microsoft owned streaming service that emphasizes community and interpersonal relationships above everything else. The platform has approximately 25 million users and has experienced phenomenal growth since Tyler “Ninja” Blevins made his move to the platform. Mixer offers FTL, a service that allows you to directly communicate with your streamers without going through third-party services like ingest. Since they emphasize community, they also provide a service that allows users to watch four streamers at once. That way the audience can watch a steamer and their team play CoD or Sea of Thieves together.

Mixer is still a relatively new platform, and the monetization options are a tad limited. Subscribers and affiliate programs are available to streamers but they are not as lucrative as they are on Twitch. As of now, the platform does not support direct integration with PS4. You must use third-party services to streams with your PlayStation.

Twitch or Mixer

Twitch is an Amazon owned streaming platform that has over 100 million users and counting. It has over 1.7 million active streamers and it has been around since 2011. Making it by far the most lucrative platform out of the two services. It has more monetization options than Mixer, and it dramatically places individual growth above community relationships. It uses a third-party service to connect the website to the PC. Currently, it does not have the same co-stream option that mixer has, and does not have direct integration with any of the gaming platform. However, If you’re looking to make money from streaming then Twitch would be what you’re looking for.

As of now, only a handful of streamers have influence on Microsoft’s Mixer. However, it is easier to become a partner. They do not look at the number of subscribers you have, or how many streams you put out per day. As stated previously, it’s all about building a community, and that is why they look at your interaction with the gaming community and the fans before making you an official partner. With Twitch, you have the opportunity to grow an extensive fan base and even make a living from the platform potentially. If you are looking to compete in esports and get noticed Twitch is currently the place that will make most of your gaming dreams come true.e

As you can see Mixer and Twitch both excel in different areas and are of course owned by different entities. Choosing between the two platforms depends on what you are looking for. If you are already on Twitch and you are looking to jump ship, you could use features like ReStream or Castr. They will help you stream on both platforms at the same time. That way if you leave Twitch and move to Mixer, you stand a chance of taking some of your fans with you.

Twitch or Mixer

Top Mixer Streamers

So how do the top Mixer streamers fair in terms of views? Well, Ninja currently has over 3 followers, 70,000,000 views and 7 million followers. Shroud a very popular streamer that mostly plays first-person shooters and battle royale games has 1.2 million followers and over 21,0000 million views. The Grefg a popular Spanish streamer has 900K+ subscribers and 54 million views. Ship a Fortnite streamer has over 700 subscribers and 16 million views. Mixer’s very own Xbox channel has 525,000 subscribers and 13 million views. Queen eliminator a female steamer that plays Apex Legend, Call of Duty, and a handful of other games has 329,000 followers and over 4 million views. 

Top Twitch Streamers

Even though Ninja doesn’t stream on Twitch due to his exclusivity with Mixer he still has 14 million followers and 481 million views on the platform. The most popular current Twitch steamer is Tfue a Fortnite steamer that has over 8 million followers and 208 million views. Shroud who like Ninja left twitch and made the move over to Mixer still has 7.1 followers and 366 million followers even though he no longer streams there. Myth a popular battle royale streamer has 6.5 million followers and 106 million viewers. Summit1g a retired Counter-strike: Global offensive pro has 5.6 million followers and 400K views. Overwhelmingly Twitch has more views, steamers, and onlookers. As a streamer and viewer, you have more options with Twitch.

Although Mixer might create a more intimate setting and stronger connection between streamer and viewer. To end the debate, we prefer Twitch. However, it’s never bad to try both. Most streamers aren’t bound to any contracts like Ninja and Shroud so your options are open. You can even use your streaming platform to create gaming videos to put on other platforms like YouTube. Either way, always remember that these platforms are designed for viewers to have fun and create a bond between streamers and their audience. mixer better than twitch,microsoft's mixer,mixer and twitch,mixer stream,mixer streaming,mixer vs twitch for new streamers,Mixer vs twitch money,Mixer Vs.Twitch,ninja left twitch,ninja twitch,Streaming on mixer vs twitch,top mixer streamers,twitch or mixer,Twitch Vs. MixerTwitch and Mixer are online game streaming services that allow players to stream live gaming sessions and make a profit from affiliate systems, merchandise, and advertising. While they both offer a similar service, they do have glaring differences. So which is better? Let's compare the benefits and features of...Where Women & Gaming Unite