Most smartphones today can play your average mobile video game. However, some phones are cut above the rest when it comes to providing the most efficient gaming performance to the user. Here’s a list of the best phones for gaming available in the market. These are the best phones for mobile gaming on the market each with there own positive attributes from powerful processors to smooth touch screen controls.

Sony Xperia 1 Smartphone

Best phones for gaming

This phone is quite a sophisticated masterpiece with a bunch of cool features. Accompanied by a 21:9 aspect ratio, the phone holds a mind-blowing 855 processing chip that guarantees a smooth performance. The battery limit is up to 3,330 mAh power that stands average on the scale. As far as the gaming part is concerned, it might be interesting to know that Sony has collaborated with a few of the well-known game studios to bring added inclusive tiles such as Fortnite and Pubg. In fact, many users consider this the best phone for Pubg. The larger screen space permits the use of all the touch-screen controls. The game enhancer mode allows the user to set some custom options such as centralization all of your games, game screen recording and, more. Moreover, the dynamic vibration engine provides a tactile reaction to the action going on the screen. The magnificent display, zestful audio and, High-quality design are why people love this phone. Many consider it the best android smartphones for gaming.

Huawei P30 Pro Smartphone 

best smartphones for gaming

Huawei has manufactured a mobile phone with robust hardware and highly enhanced software. The phone is designed using ai processor Kirin 980 Octa and is capable of carrying out various tasks simultaneously and very smoothly. The battery power of 4200 mAh is impressive that allows playing for a long duration without any interruption. It is one of the most sought after phones for gaming due to its robust processor, giant and receptive display, and memory capacity. The charging is super fast with the phone getting with the ability to be charged 70% in just thirty minutes. Moreover, the device ensures the running of all games at top frame rates. A lot of users love the camera on this phone as a bonus.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Smartphone

best gaming phone under 250

The Xiaomi Redmi’s processing chip was made with gaming in mind. The mid range smartphone is already creating a sensation in the market with its impressive enhanced performance. The phone has established itself as a very compelling and striking phone in the list of gaming phones. The speed of the device is uplifted by 2.05 GHz due to the presence of an upgraded Octa-core CPU processor. The high battery power of 4500 mAh allows anyone to play for a long duration with zero interruption and at about 60 Frame Per Second. The combination of all these super features makes it a dedicated gaming phone that is here to quench one’s thirst for a supernova gaming interface.  It’s the best gaming phone under $250 you’ll find. 

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Smartphone

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This is the first time that Apple decided to adopt the title Pro for any of its models. This phone comes with new and exciting features such as a trio lens camera, an ultra-wide view which once made it the fastest running CPU for a phone run up to 1 trillion operations each second. The phone is inclusive of A13 Bionic and this can be considered as the most stirring evolution as this makes it the best iPhone for gaming. The power-saving A13 had been laid on the second generation 7nm processor. A combination of all these exciting features makes one amazing iPhone for gamers truly and one of the best phones for gaming.

Apple iPhone XR Smartphone

best iphone for gaming

What makes Apple iPhone different from the Android ones is that iPhones have their own System-on-chip. iPhone XR makes every game appear realistic with more cut-edged and console-like graphics. The phone’s neural engine possesses the mega capacity of performing 5 trillion operations per second, which makes it the most suitable piece for the augmented reality gaming experience.  The most popular phone for gamer girls has crystal clear audio is clear that takes your gaming experience to a new level. Arguably one of the best smartphones for gaming.

Nokia 6.1 Smartphone

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The Nokia 6.1 has a sleek and elegant design, appreciable display, peerless software, and robust performance. The phone comprises of the super Qualcomm Snapdragon 360 processor accompanied with a 3000 mAh battery. It has the Type-C port which works perfectly for an occasional gamer and the charging gets super fast with around 50% in just an hour. The inclusion of 3/32 GB RAM and Android One gives an assurance of an up to date operating system. This model of Nokia is the best phone for gaming cheap and still provides a quality, fun experience.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G Smartphone

Best samsung for gaming

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G has an aspect ratio of 20:9 which makes it ideal to play games in landscape mode. For smooth and efficient gameplay, the frame rates have to be extra and this phone has a 120 Hz refresh rate, thereby, providing an enticing experience. It possesses the Exynos 990 chip that is made using 7nm technology. The inclusion of 8 processors in the device uplifts the processor as well as graphics performance more than what one might expect for a gaming phone. The support to 5G networks provides the highest level of connectivity ensuring that every feature of the device works efficiently and without any sort of delay. Moreover, the phone has a battery power of 4000 mAh thus ensuring, that one can go on playing for a very long time and when they run out of battery, the device gets charged up very quickly. All of the reasons why this is considered the best Samsung for mobile gaming. android smartphones for gaming,best gaming phone under 250,best iphone for gaming,best phone for gaming,best phones for gaming,best smartphones for gaming,flagship phone for gaming,mid range smartphone,mobile gaming,phone for gamer girls,phone for gaming cheapMost smartphones today can play your average mobile video game. However, some phones are cut above the rest when it comes to providing the most efficient gaming performance to the user. Here’s a list of the best phones for gaming available in the market. These are the best phones...Where Women & Gaming Unite